In the beginning the company literally started as a garage business – today, Unix Auto generates a turnover of € 180 million as the absolute market leader on the domestic automotive spare parts distribution market. To the financial crisis they responded with developments which resulted in doubling their market-share. Even though their key focus is on trade, innovation is also a key success factor in the company’s life. Read the full article >>

This story is like a fairy-tale in the book of Hungarian Entrepreneurship. A green field company was established at the time of Hungary’s democratic transformation. The Hungarian company – Unix Auto Ltd. – has become reliable partner of numerous international companies. Read the full article >>

Az Unix Autó Kft. tájékoztatja Önt, hogy weboldalainak megtekintése, böngészése egyúttal a Jogi nyilatkozatban leírtak elfogadását is jelenti.
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